Ombudspersons of the CRC1451

Throughout your doctoral or postdoctoral project, differences of opinion or tensions may arise between you and your supervisor or research team. If such situations arise, we encourage you to engage in open dialogue with your supervisor immediately. Often, misunderstandings or unspoken expectations underlie tense situations, and addressing them directly can pave the way for resolution.


To prevent disagreements from becoming problems and misunderstandings from evolving into potential conflicts, the ombudsperson serves as a neutral mediator, offering a confidential and impartial platform for early issue resolution. Additionally, in cases of suspected scientific misconduct, the ombudsperson assists in intervening, initiating appropriate steps, and restoring fair cooperation.


All members of the CRC1451 can request assistance from the CRC1451 ombudspersons Natalia Kononenko and Kerstin Konrad:


Prof. Dr.

Natalia Kononenko


Center for Physiology

Faculty of Medicine
University of Cologne
Gleueler Straße 26
D-50935 Cologne

+49(0)221 478 84302


Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Kerstin Konrad


Research Centre Jülich

52425 Jülich

+49 (0)241 8088768