SFB 1451 Motor Control in Health and Disease

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The following fellowships can be awarded:

For medical students

short-term fellowship

  • Duration: 3 months*

Promotionsstipendium Medizin

  • Duration: 12 months*

Advanced consolidation fellowship

  • Duration: 6 months*

short-term qualification fellowship

When you have finished your M.Sc., and would like to get to know a CRC1451 project, you can apply for a short-term qualification fellowship. Please be aware, that this fellowship does not mean that you will be offered a PhD position automatically.

    • Duration:  4 months*


* Please discuss the duration of the fellowship with he Lab you would like to join. The indicated times are the initial maximum times for the specific fellowships.



The fellowship Application form can be downloaded here.



We encourage highly motivated students at any time.





Please address your application (1 single PDF) and further questions to our iRTG coordinator Dr. Claudia Wegscheid 

The iRTG coordinator will also sent out information on fellowships on regular basis.

dr. Claudia Wegscheid

iRTG coordinator