career support

SFB 1451 Motor Control in Health and Disease

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We offer individualized and career stage-adapted support for all members of the CRC1451 ranging from students and postdocs to principal investigators.

Career development and skills enhancement courses

The CRC1451 provides workshops to develop assertive and self-confident communication strategies as well as Laboratory Leadership courses for female group leaders.




      Individual career coaching

      The CRC1451 offers together with the Department for Academic Staff Development of the University of Cologne a diverse portfolio of mentoring programs for female scientists at different career levels.

      Fellowships for Maternity leaves

      To support women facing maternity we provide fellowships to get an assistance for the everyday lab routines.

      Childcare assistance

      We also encourage young mothers to re-enter the science field by helping them in finding appropriate child care facilities.

      The CRC1451 encourages women scientists to participate in the various courses and workshops organized by the University of Cologne and covers costs for seminars and coaching.


      For more information, please visit the Mentoring Page of the University of Cologne.