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A mobile parent-child room

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Many parents know the situation. As an exception, one solution could be to take your child to work. The KidsBox is a mobile parent-child room. The CRC1451 now has two KidsBoxes for you to use in that situation. One is located in the Biocenter and one in the Neurology building. The KidsBox can be moved to your workplace and transforms your office into a parent-child room. The KidsBox is equipped for babies and children up to 8-9 years. The KidsBox can also be opened for a protected area for breastfeeding and changing.

To borrow the KidsBox, please contact the coordination office of the CRC1451 | e-mail:

If you no longer need the KidsBox, please return it to the pick-up location.

The KidsBox contains (amongst others):

  • a travel bed (also be used as a playpen)
  • a folding mattress and sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor
  • a child seat for docking to your own desk
  • Stool and table for small children
  • various toys and painting items
  • a changing mat
  • disinfection and first aid equipment
  • books and much more (for small children)
  • equipment for school children in grades 1/2




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