Early Career


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One of the critical success factors of this CRC-initiative is that early-career scientists will be trained and empowered to pursue a successful and productive career in motor neurosciences.

As motor neurosciences is intrinsically interdisciplinary, the talent management o this CRC-initiative focusses on i) teaching the fundamental principles of the participating disciplines, ii) training all participants in basic neuroscientific as well as clinical methods and concepts, and iii) promoting interdisciplinary exchange in a structured way.

For more information, please contact our iRTG coordinator Claudia Wegscheid.

The CRC’s integrated Research Training Group combines different structured graduate programmes.

The CRC will offer scientific lectures and lectures designed particularly for iRTG students on a regular basis.

The CRC will share relevant documents and publications with the scientific community in its online library.

The CRC1451 focus on ensuring equal career opportunities including career support.

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