Past events

Motor Control Science Club


Motor control science club

3d June 2022  |  11 am


Prof. Mark Hallett | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Human Motor Control Section, Bethesda, Maryland

Motor control science club

6th May 2022  |  11 am

Large-scale simulations of monkey and human cortices at cellular resolution: from anatomy to resting-state activity

Prof. Sacha van Albada | Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Research Centre Jülich and Institute for Zoology, University of Cologne 

Motor control science club

1st April 2022  |  11 am

Circuits generating locomotion in vertebrates

Prof. Abdel El Manira | Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience, Stockholm, Swede

Scientific Lecture

4th March 2022  |  11 am

Neuro-Engineering Brain Circuits With Transcranial Stimulation: Are We Closing Knowledge Gaps Or Running Circles?

Prof. Hartwig R. Siebner, University of Copenhagen, Centre for Diagnostic Imaging and Research
Host: Dr. Marc Tittgemeyer, University of Cologne, MPI for Metabolism Research, Translational Neurocircuitry Group & CECAD Research Center


Scientific Lecture

03d December 2021  |  11 am

Somatosensory control of leg movements during locomotion

Guest: Assoc. Prof. Turgay Akay | Department of Medical Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Host: Prof. Ansgar Büschges | Institute for Zoology , University of Cologne

Scientific Lecture

05th November 2021  |  11 am

The functional contribution of spinal neuron heterogeneity to sensorimotor behaviors

Guest: Dr. Graziana Gatto , PhD | Clinic for Neurology of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne
Host: Prof. Gereon R. Fink | Clinic for Neurology and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne

Scientific Lecture

01st October 2021  |  11 am

Targeting bioenergetic pathways to protect motor neurons

Guest: Prof. Thomas H. Gillingwater | College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Host: Prof. Brunhilde Wirth | Institute of Human Genetics, University of Cologne

Scientific Lecture

03d September 2021  |  11 am

Cell type specific functions of autophagy in the brain

Guest: Prof. Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou | University Lausanne
Host: Prof. Natalia Kononenko | CECAD Research Center, University of Cologne

Scientific Lecture

09th July 2021  |  11 am

Real Time EEG TMS for modulation of motor networks

Guest: Prof. Ulf Ziemann | University Tübingen
Host: Prof. Christian Grefkes | Clinic for Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne


Scientific Lecture

25th June 2021  |  11 am

Sensory and state coding in subcortical circuits

Guest: Prof. Jan Gründemann | University Basel, Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen DZNE, Bonn
Host: Prof. Tatiana Korotkova | Institute for vegetative physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne

Journal Club


Date Presenter 1 Project Presenter 2 Project
25.10.2021 Azamat Yeldesbay B03 Vera Komeyer B05
22.11.2021 Aref Kalantari C01
06.12.2021 Magdalena Banwinkler C03 Anna Pierzchlinska A05
17.01.2022 Nora Rautenberg Ver_Rüger Laura Wehmeyer C07
14.02.2022 Theresa Heinen B02 Jacquelin Kasemir B01
14.03.2022 Grusha Mathias B01 associated Massimo Thiel A05 cancelled
11.04.2022 Grusha Mathias B01 associated Massimo Thiel A05
16.05.2022 Eleonora Zilio A01 Vincent Küppers X02
IRTG Lectures

iRTG Motor Lecture #30

8th August 2022  |  9 am

Neuroinflammation and Regeneration in the CNS

Prof. Adele Rüger

iRTG Motor Lecture #29

11th July 2022  |  9 am

Neuroinflammation: the good, the evil, or the innocent? 20 years of no answers.

Prof. Michael Schroeter

iRTG Motor Lecture #28

27th June 2022  |  9 am

Cognitive processes and neural correlates of action reprogramming

Dr. Paola Mengotti 

iRTG Motor Lecture #27

13th June 2022  | 9  am

Interpersonal motor alignment and development in childhood and adolescence

Prof. Kerstin Konrad

iRTG Motor Lecture #26

9th May 2022  |  11 am

Interaction of neurodegeneration and depression in late life

Prof. Frank Jessen



25th April 2022  |  11 am


Integrated light-microscopy and electron-microscopy connectome analysis of the fruit fly Droshophila brain

Prof. Kei Ito


04th April 2022  |  11 am


Imaging of molecular neuropathology and neuronal dysfunction in the human brain

Prof. Drzezga


21st March 2022  |  11 am


Mapping structural changes of circuit connectivity in response to experience and motor skill learning

Prof. Bergami



7th March 2022  |  9 am


Deep brain stimulation in movement diorders – from basic neuroscience to clinical practice

Dr. Carlos Baldermann

iRTG Lecture #21

21st February 2022  |  9 am

Motor cognitive deficits in neurological and psychiatric diseases

Prof. Peter Weiss-Blankenhorn


iRTG Lecture #20

7th February 2022 |  9 am

Synaptic dysfunctions in neurodegenerative disorders characterised by dysfunctional motor control

Prof. Natalia Kononenko

iRTG Lecture #19

31st January 2022  |  9 am

The role of dopamine in the motor system part II

Prof. Jochen Roeper

iRTG Lecture #18

24th January 2022  |  9 am

Spinal muscular atrophy: from gene and modifiers to therapy – connecting basic research with clinical application

Prof. Brunhild Wirth

iRTG Lecture #17

10th January 2022  |  9 am

Thalamocortical mechanisms in the control of voluntary movements

Prof. Yifat Prut

iRTG Lecture #16

13th December 2021  |  9 am

The cognitive neuroscience of predictive processing during motor control

Prof. Simone Vossel

iRTG Lecture #15

29th November 2021  |  9 am

Critical periods in cortical network development of rodents: focus on sensorimotor cortex and basal ganglia

Prof. Dirk Isbrandt

iRTG Lecture #14

15th November 2021  |  9 am

The neurophysiology of motor system maturation in school- age

Prof. Stephan Bender

iRTG Lecture #13

08th November 2021  |  9 am

Machine-learning for individual assessment and prediction: Where are we, where do we go?

Prof. Simon Eickhoff

iRTG Lecture #12

18th October 2021  |  9 am

The role of dopamine in the motor system

Prof. Jochen Roeper

iRTG Lecture #11

18th October 2021  |  9 am

Machine Learning: why and when to use it

Prof. Vahid Rostami

iRTG Lecture #10

04th October 2021  |  9 am


iRTG Lecture #09

20th September 2021  |  9 am

Decoding the mechanisms underlying neural information processing in motor control in humans
– a mathematical modelling perspective

Prof. Silvia Daun

iRTG Lecture #08

23d August 2021  |  9 am

Cortical motor control in primates – encoding, decoding, and modelling of neuronal population activity

Prof. Martin Nawrot

iRTG Lecture #07

16th August 2021  |  9 am

Brain Stimulation of Motor Systems

Prof. Veerle Visser-Vanderwalle

iRTG Lecture #06

12th July 2021  |  9 am

Motor Control: from behavioural selection to contraction of muscles and movement execution

Prof. Ansgar Büschges

iRTG Lecture #05

28th June 2021  |  9 am

Dopaminergic Control of Movement and Motivation

Dr. Marc Tittgemeyer

iRTG Lecture #04

14th June 2021  |  9 am

Multi-level assessment of Motor Behaviour

Prof. Tatiana Korotkova

iRTG Lecture #03

31st May 2021  |  9 am

The lesioned motor system: Reorganisation, Compensation and Recovery

Prof. Christian Grefkes

iRTG Lecture #02

17th May 2021  |  9 am

Integration of neural networks, behaviour, and histology in studies of motor recovery after experimental stroke

Prof. Markus Aswendt

iRTG Lecture #01

3d May 2021  |  9 am

The Motor System: one or many?

Prof. Gereon Fink

Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

14th July 2022  | 4 pm

Invariant neural subspaces maintained by feedback modulation

Laura Naumann | Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Berlin, Germany

live @ Biocenter, room  0.311

registration for receiving the zoom-link via


Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

9th June 2022

Scientific experts in theoretical and computational neurosciences covering all areas of basic, translational and clinical neuroscience, reflecting the broad neuroscience community in the Research Area Cologne.

Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

12th May 2022  |  11 am

 Forming latent codes for decision-making and spatial navigation:
a generative modeling perspective

Prof. Giovanni Pezzulo, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council, Roma, Italy

Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

10th March 2022  |  11 am

(Mal)adaptive biases in motivated action:
computations, brains and psychopathology

Guest: Prof. Hanneke den Ouden, Radboud University
Host: Prof. Sacha van Albada, University of Cologne

Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

9th December, 2021  |  5 pm


Guest: Prof. Jan Benda | University of Tuebingen
Host: Prof. Martin Nawrot | University of Cologne


Cologne Theoretical Neuroscience Forum

11th November 2021  |  5 pm

Computational Models of Compulsivity

Guest: Prof. Frederike Petzschner | Brown University
Host: Prof. Marc Tittgemeyer | University of Cologne


GADIS Lecture

30th May 2022  |  4 pm

Why still care about equal opportunities in the 21st century?    Status quo, challenges, and new perspectives

Dr. Isabel Fraas | University Women’s Representative, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
Dr. Anne Freese | Human Resources Development, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg

zoom in:

GADIS Workshop

24th May 2022  |  9 am – 5 pm

Being a valued member in a diverse team

Trainer: Anne-Marie Dingemanns

For: Doctoral researchers and Postdocs


Live @ CECAD,!44b                                        

GADIS Workshop

19th May 2022  |  9 am – 5 pm

Intercultural communication skills

Trainer: Anne-Marrie Dingemanns

For: PhD candidates and Postdoc


Live @ CECAD,!44b                                         


PhD Perspective Events


PhD Career Perspectives Event

30th June 2022  |  5 pm

Management in Industry

Dr. Vipin Babu | Medical affairs Manager Oncology at Roche

Dr. Diletta Edifizi | Scientific Project Manager at Taconic Biosciences


Phd Career Perspective Event

10th March 2022  |  5 pm
Advanced trainers and lecturers

Dr. Anja Neuber
Dr. Michaela Höhne