Project C07

Neural networks underlying motor tic formation and suppression

Using real-time measurements of preceding urge phenomena combined with high-density EEG recordings and thalamic local field potentials, the role of motor control on impulsive urges to move (and vice-versa) will be analysed. Involvement of thalamo-cortical loops in gating of sensorimotor interaction and initiation of motor action is scrutinised by modulation through deep brain stimulation and analyses of structural connectomics. By characterising the spatial and temporal dynamics of urged and cued motor initiation, this project aims at deciphering the neural processes underlying impulsive motor behaviour and sensorimotor gating.


Veerle Visser-Vandewalle

Principal Investigator



Thomas Schüller






Juan Carlos Baldermann

Principal Investigator



Laura Wehmeyer






Petra Heiden

Clinician Scientist