Lecture Series

SFB 1451 Motor Control in Health and Disease

Lectures will take place via Zoom for the time being.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via sfb1451-sekretariat@uni-koeln.de.

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iRTG Lecture

21th March 2022  |  9 am

Mapping strictural changes of circuit connectivity in response to experience and motor skill learning

Prof. Matteo Bergami


iRTG Lecture

04th April 2022  |  9 am

Imaging of melecular neuropathology and neuronal dysfunction in the human brain

Prof. Alexander Drzezga


iRTG Lecture

25th April 2022  |  9 am

Integrated light-microscopy and electron-microscopy connectome analysis of the fruit fly Drosophila brain

Prof. Kei Ito


iRTG Lecture

09th May 2022  |  9 am

Interaction of neurodegeneration and depression in late life

Prof. Frank Jessen


iRTG Lecture

23th May 2022  |  9 am

Metabolic modulation of the substantia nigra – striatum pathway

Prof. Peter Kloppenburg


iRTG Lecture

13th June 2022  |  9 am


Prof. Kerstin Konrad


iRTG Lecture

27th June 2022  |  9 am

Deficits in predictive processes during motor control in neurological disorders

Dr. Paola Mengotti


iRTG Lecture

11th July 2022  |  9 am

Neuroinflammation: the good, the evil, or the innocent? 20 years of no answers

Prof. Michael Schroeter


iRTG Lecture

08th August 2022  |  9 am

Neuroinflammation and Regeneration in the CNS

Prof. Adele Rueger


iRTG Lecture

22nd August 2022  |  9 am


Prof. Thilo van Eimeren