Lecture Series

SFB 1451 Motor Control in Health and Disease

Lectures will take place via Zoom for the time being.

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iRTG Lecture

20th September 2021  |  5 pm

Research Data Management

Prof. Michael Hanke


iRTG Lecture

4th October 2021  |  5 pm

Machine Learning: why and when to use it

Dr. Vahid Rostami


iRTG Lecture

18th October 2021  |  5 pm


Prof. Jochen Roeper


iRTG Lecture

8th November 2021  |  5 pm

Machine Learning for individual assessment and prediction: Where are we, where do we go?

Prof. Simon Eickhoff


iRTG Lecture

15th November 2021  |  5 pm

The neurophysiology of motor system maturation in school-age

Prof. Stephan Bender


iRTG Lecture

29th November 2021  |  5 pm

Critical periods in cortical network development of rodents: focus on sensorimotor cortex and basal ganglia

Dr. Dirk Isbrandt


iRTG Lecture

13th December 2021  |  5 pm

The cognitive neuroscience of predictive processing during motor control

Prof. Simone Vossel


iRTG Lecture

10th January 2022  |  5 pm


Prof. Yifat Prut


iRTG Lecture

24th January 2022  |  5 pm

Spinal muscular atrophy: from gene and modifiers to therapy – connecting basic research with clinical application

Prof. Brunhild Wirth


iRTG Lecture

7th February 2022 |  5 pm

Synaptic dysfunctions in neurodegenerative disorders characterised by dysfunctional motor control

Prof. Natalia Kononenko


iRTG Lecture

21st February 2022  |  5 pm

Motor cognitive deficits in neurological and psychiatric diseases

Prof. Peter Weiss-Blankenhorn


iRTG Lecture

7th March 2022  |  5 pm

Deep brain stimulation in movement diorders – from basic neuroscience to clinical practice

Prof. Carlos Baldermann