Project INF

Data Management for Computational Modelling

This project will provide expertise for access, description, and modelling of the data collected in the individual projects as well as Z02 and Z03. INF will continuously assess general workflows, resource requirements, and data analysis processes to capture between-project differences that may impact data comparability and re-usability across projects. INF will provide tools, services and training to help projects align their research output to (i) facilitate data analysis for extracting common activity patterns and mechanisms underlying motor behaviours across species, and (i) promote data-driven computational modelling.

Please find more information about how to collect or process data within the SFB1451 here: 

Expert Team

Silvia Daun

Principal Investigator (B03, INF)

Mathematical modelling, neural oscillator models, phase oscillators, dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, dynamic causal modelling (DCM), inter-area connectivitiy, development of analysis tools for EEG / MEG data.

Simon Eickhoff

Principal Investigator (B05)


MRI processing and data analytics (morphometry, functional connectivity, activation), machine learning & predictive modelling

Michael Hanke

Principal Investigator (INF)


Functional neuroimaging, machine learning, high-throughput computing, FAIR data management, open-source software development


Paola Mengotti

Principal Investigator (B04)


Computational modelling of behavioural data (response times), Bayesian learning schemes


Martin Nawrot

Principal Investigator (A06, INF)

Functional spiking neural network (SNN) modelling, neural population modelling, point processes in neuroscience, advanced analysis methods of multi-variate spike train and Ca2+-imaging data, analysis of intracellular electrophysiology, analysis of LFP and ECoG data

Marc Tittgemeyer

Principal Investigator (C06)


Computational modelling, modelling of structural and functional neuroimaging data, homeostatic model, body-brain interaction

Lionel Rigoux

Senior Postdoc (C06)


Statistics, Bayesian modelling, nonlinear models for neurobiological and behavioural data, modelling of decision processes

Vahid Rostami

Senior Postdoc (C06, INF)


Functional spiking neural network (SNN) modelling, advanced methods of multi-variate spike train analysis, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL)


Simone Vossel

Principal Investigator (B04)


Coputational modelling of behavioural data (response times), Bayesian learning schemes, Dynamic Causal Modelling for fMRI data


Azamat Yeldesbay

Senior Postdoc (B03, INF)


Mathematical modelling, phase oscillators, dynamic causal modelling, development of analysiss tools for EGG / MEG

Stephan Heunis

Postdoc (B03)



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