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Project Z01: Central Office

The central office will coordinate and promote the scientific interactions within the CRC, the national and international outreach, and public relations. Its tasks include the recruitment and integration of new CRC members (students, technicians, postdocs, junior research group leaders, and clinician-scientists) and the promotion of early-career researchers, gender equality, and diversity. Further, Z01 aims to strengthen the interactions and exchange of expertise between and across projects of the different research areas and will ensure adherence to good scientific practice and encourage open data access.

Gereon Fink

Project Z02: Animal Motor Circuits Core Facility

The Animal Motor Core Facility will serve as an expert platform for the characterisation and quantification of animal motor and cognitive behaviour, as well as the assessment of the underlying neuronal mechanisms. Z02 will provide (i) an extensive standardised battery of behavioural tests probing motor functions in rodents, and (ii) systems neuroscience tools, including optogenetics and calcium imaging, and (iii) standardised preprocessing and data analysis. The data will be provided access to a shared database via the utilities provided by INF.

Tatiana Korotkova  Ansgar Büschges

Project Z03: Human Motor Assessment Centre

The Human Motor Assessment Centre will serve as a platform for the standardised behavioural/neuropsychological assessment of all human study participants and standardised imaging measurements (e.g., resting-state EEG and (f)MRI). Such standardisation of protocols will not only guarantee high-quality measurements but also enable the pooling of data from different projects. The latter is essential for identifying common mechanisms underlying motor control. In cooperation with INF, Z03 will provide access to a database for healthy subjects of different ages facilitating the recruitment of control participants for the human CRC projects and thereby allowing for large samples with sufficient statistical power.

Peter Weiss-Blankenhorn  Christian Grefkes

Project INF: Data Management for Computational Modelling

This project will provide expertise for access, description, and modelling of the data collected in the individual projects as well as Z02 and Z03. INF will continuously assess general workflows, resource requirements, and data analysis processes to capture between-project differences that may impact data comparability and re-usability across projects. INF will provide tools, services and training to help projects align their research output to (i) facilitate data analysis for extracting common activity patterns and mechanisms underlying motor behaviours across species, and (i) promote data-driven computational modelling.

Silvia Daun  Michael Hanke  Martin Nawrot

Project MGK: Integrated Research Training Group (Modul Graduiertenkolleg, MGK, Motor-Control-RTG)

This programme is specifically designed for (under)graduate students, including medical students, doctoral candidates in the natural sciences and postdocs in the research projects of CRC 1451. The MGK aims at achieving a maximum synergy in research covering different fields and aspects of motor control by offering the best possible scientific training, optimal guidance and education for junior researchers with different educational backgrounds, thereby enabling them to develop a broad portfolio of scientific, further professional and soft skills for a successful career progression both in academia and beyond.

Tatiana Korotkova │ Ansgar Büschges